Identity Wars – The Thief

In the last few years more and more families that I have had the privilege of doing life with are personally working through same-sex attraction and gender identity issues in their families. There is much written and discussed in Christian circles about this issue, but I think there is a far more widespread issue that has the same foundation as same-sex attraction and gender issues. That issue is the matter of our identity. 

What constitutes your identity? 

  • Is it what you look like? 
  • Is it what you’ve done?
  • Is it what others say about you?
  • Is it what you say about yourself?
  • Is it what money you have or don’t have? 

I feel there is a war going on in many of our hearts. I hear it in conversations when someone is bent (ask Mom if another word here like “knocked” makes more sense, might just be me) sideways over a single comment. I see it in faces that are looking to others to do what only God can do. 

I see this war in the lives of young people. They spend so much time focused on what others think of them. I see it in older people who are stilling looking for someone or something to fill the void they feel. 

But more personally I see this war in my own heart and mind. I have spent way too much time wondering what others think about me or what they are saying about me. I believe that is our enemy, Satan’s, goal. He doesn’t want you and I to allow God to shape our identity, he wants imperfect people and a critical self-focus to form our identity. 

I have wrestled with this war for years but I’m writing this blog to share that God has brought amazing growth and victory in my life in recent months and I want to share with you what I’ve learnt. My prayer is that you too will know the war that is going on for your identity and how you can allow God to speak truth into your heart once again (moved “once again” to end of sentence). 

Here’s our key passage from God’s Word – John 10:10 –  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

The thief is Satan and what he’s stolen is our identity.

As I close, see if you resonate with any of these statements: 

  • You are locked in a battle with a reoccurring sin and all you see is your failure and weakness. 
  • You find it almost impossible to say no.  You may call it being a people-pleaser and it drives you nuts but you can’t seem to change.
  • You feel desperately insecure. You are often wondering what people think of you or what they might be saying about you.
  • You feel worthless. You think who you are or what you’ve done is just one disappointment after another. 
  • When someone misunderstands you, you have to fix that and make them understand their perceptions are misplaced. 
  • You just don’t feel good enough. You look at others and often think they are ‘better’ than you. 

If any of those statements or something similar speaks to you, be encouraged, help is coming. 

Please feel free to respond to this blog or message me if I can pray or help you – the title of this blog is my heart. I want to seek to be a caring pastor. I am being restored little by little, I wish it was happening a little quicker but I’m not there yet. 

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