Christians, Social Media and Kayne West

Thanks for all those who’ve responded to my blog on WordPress, FB and Insta. There is definitely an interesting stirring right now. When I posted a few days back I only listened to the album “Jesus is King” a few times and chatted with a few people about it. I only read a few posts. Even from that little bit of background it was clear that a lot of people are talking about this.

What strikes me as interesting is people aren’t talking about the merits of the record, the lyrics or the music. They aren’t talking about how God is even able save the person we think most unlikely to come to Him. They are talking about the validity of Kayne claims. 

But think for a moment about Paul, the Christian killer and the thief on the cross, next to Jesus. Come to think of it – think about Glyn Knight. What right do I have to claim Christ? Nothing in my self that’s for sure and everything that Christ has done. People that knew me as a teen have said “I can’t believe you became a pastor”. I have no right to claim Christ based on myself – neither does Paul, the thief or Kayne. But Jesus is able to save all those who come to Him. Don’t we really believe that?

So shouldn’t Kayne West be given the same grace? Shouldn’t our first response as Christians to be praying and not judging?

I have been joining in on some FB conversations (Something I really try not to do…) about this whole discussion. Here’s a couple of quotes from a thread I was involved in – I’ll keep the authors anonymous. The convo focused on “Has Kayne really changed, is He saved?”

  • Once an ass always an ass. Just like you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear
  • You’re not really falling for this are you? Seriously? He “finds God” and starts targeting the conservative Christian demographic because they will buy any crap labelled “Christian” regardless of the quality as long as it reinforces their views. The man is married to the queen of materialism and excess and he thinks of himself as some sort of living god

What on earth? So set aside the label ‘Christian’, as I don’t know these people so I don’t know what they claim. But – is this a respectful response? Is that how we want our kids to speak? Is that the atmosphere you want in your work place? 

As Christian’s on Social Media let me encourage you with a couple of things:

  1. Written posts / comments are more formal than spoken words. Written posts / comments are more permanent. You can see my posts and comments from way back when….. gulp.
  2. There is a portion of people who read what you write and evaluate all Christians by you. They may not know another Christian and when you are harsh and judgmental they perceive all Christians are harsh and judgmental. 
  3. Your comments are not anonymous. You have no idea who has copied and pasted what you write…..just like I did above.

It’s so essential that we never forget the truth of John 9:25 “Once I was blind but now I see…”. I, like you, am a sinner saved by grace. I have absolutely no grounds to boast and seek to evaluate myself above others. I’ve been a pastor for 20 years and have helped countless people in countless situations. I could boast in my messages, but they are average and others are way more gifted. I could boast about my people care but there have been many who didn’t feel cared for. Do I really want God to compare my boasting and judgements of others with the condition of my heart and my past?

Let’s end on a positive. Kayne has been doing these pop up Sunday services. There’s some on Youtube. He’s also done a bunch of interviews and here’s what he said in one. “I am here to spread the Gospel and let people know what Jesus has done for me”.  “I’ve spread a lot of things…… I’m letting you know what Jesus has done for me…..I’m free now…..I’m a son of God”. Isn’t that comment at least worthy of our prayers? Because you know what? 

Whatever his heart is or is not – God is at work. Here’s a couple of comments I pulled from one social media post talking about his album: 

  • Katie K “I started reading the bible last night after listening to Jesus is King”.
  • Ricardo S “I haven’t prayed in a while… I’m going to pray now

If God can use Glyn, or a donkey, can’t He also use Kayne to speak His truth? And shouldn’t we be praying for a mighty move of God to awake countless masses to His amazing grace? 

3 thoughts on “Christians, Social Media and Kayne West

  1. I guess I’m a little confused as to why people are negative. Why would he be any different accepting Christ than they are ? And he was married to his wife a long time before he got saved .
    We are all filthy rotten sinners in need of a savior. Christ died for all of the men and women in Hollywood just like he did for the people anywhere else. I’m not sure what I’m missing


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