Everyone needs a rock

Can you think of a time when you have been in a state of perfect peace? You know what I mean? No stress, no worries, and nothing pressing in on you. Maybe it was during a vacation or a time when you were still. 

I would guess for most of us those times are rare. I have glimpses of peace but they are often followed by a reminder of something I need to do or something that is weighing in on my mind. 

Scripture talks about being still before God. I seek to do that but find my mind wandering easily. That is why I journal so much during my devotions and when I’m sat in church. It helps keep my mind focused. 

God is not like me at all. 

Did you know that God exists in a perpetual state of peace?  Think for a moment about God’s constant state of peace. Nothing worries or surprises Him. Nothing is too much for Him. It doesn’t ever get to a point where His peace is anything but complete and full. There is no issue that He isn’t fully aware of and completely able to lead to the outcome He has already designed. 

But we are not like God. I mean, even if you have nothing huge, like financial or relationship stress going on,  there is always day to day stuff. Driving, working with someone who you don’t get on well with, or not being able to fall asleep. I put my cup to the ice maker on my fridge door and it overflowed, all over the floor. I know that isn’t a big deal but challenges like that mount up as the day progresses. But God never has a moment when those situations are His reality. His peace is endless and perpetual. His capacity to share His peace is without limit. 

God never designed us to manufacture our own peace. He gives His peace as a gift. So when God says in this verse that He is our rock it means nothing ever shifts Him from the strong and sure foundation of peace that He is. That’s why you and I can trust Him even when we don’t understand Him. That is why peace is possible even for the most tightly wound of us. It’s a peace we need to seek moment by moment and day by day. It’s a peace that we need. 

I don’t know about you but I need that rock to lean on and draw strength from. When life is crazy, stressful, or you feel weary and worn, know that our God is our rock. Ask Him for His peace and trust in Him. 

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