New Year’s Resolutions and Spiritual Dependency

With the new year just a few hours away many of us are thinking about the good old ‘New Year’s Resolutions. Often we think about similar personal changes. In doing just a little research here’s what I found out about resolutions –

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. ‘Exercise to get in shape’ (19.7%), 
  2. ‘Diet to lose weight’ (18.3%), 
  3. ‘Save money’ (14.8%), 
  4. ‘Eat healthier in general’ (11.9%), 
  5. ‘Something for self care’ (5.5%) 

What New Year’s resolutions reveal is the deep desire in all of us to grow and develop. We look inside ourselves and desire to improve in small and large ways. As Christians this should always be our life long, humble posture before God. We call it a teachable heart, a humble attitude or spiritual dependancy. 

But just as the list above shows, our wills are at war within us. I love Romans 7 and its clear description of this battle. (v.21) “Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me”. Isn’t that the honest truth? I want to loose weight but I love chocolate, fries, and, and, and!!!! I want to save money but the thing I really ‘need’ is on Amazon and it’s cheap, and it’s reviews are amazing! I love to exercise and I know I need to but Amazon Prime and Netflix has this show I need to finish!!! 

My New Year’s resolutions are split into two groups spiritual and physical. 

My physical goals for 2020 are to loose weight and stop drinking soda, especially my best friend, Diet Coke. I want to do a better job of respecting the body God gifted to me and be around to know my grandchildren. 

My Spiritual goal for 2020 is to grow in dependency upon God. I love John 15:5: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing”. I’ve often read that verse and in my mind I’ve agreed to that principle. I am dependent upon God. But then I go back to living ‘my’ everyday life dependent upon myself. To be honest it’s only in the ‘big’ or ‘impossible’ things do I express that dependency. There is a part of me that kind of likes independence. To prove that I can do it and that I am strong and capable. But then temptation comes or a situation arises and I’m keenly aware once again of my weakness. 

As Shane and Shane sing in their song “Psalm 46”: “Oh God who makes the mountains melt come wrestle us (me) and win”. That’s my prayer! As 2020 approaches I have been praying and journalling about what it means to live in dependency upon God. I have come up with four main ways I can express and grow in dependency:

  1. Humility – An attitude / posture towards God that freely expresses my weakness and my need for Him – in everything ! 
  2. Wisdom – Allowing God’s Word to inform my mind and control my thinking. God is greater – period!
  3. Respect – Believing and acting with respect towards God and His revealed design and desire for my life.
  4. Help – to express my dependency, moment by moment in prayer. Asking for the help I so desperately need. 

What would you add to that list? I would honestly value your thoughts and comments. Feel free to email me or add a comment. 

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