Stories that impacted me: “Try not to worry but dad’s had a heart attack”

When someone says “don’t worry”…. What do you do? 

I remember a few years ago I was sitting at my desk working and a close family member called me. I love this family member very much but their words stopped me in my steps that day: They said “Don’t worry, but dad’s in the hospital, they think he’s had a heart attack”. I know they were sincerely trying to care for me by sharing the news that way but I instantly started to do the opposite of what they said, I worried. I raced to the hospital thinking,  “what has happened?”, “would my dad be ok and about a thousand other things”. When I arrived at the hospital I went into his room and saw my dad hooked up to a bunch of machines. This seemed so surreal. My dad had been a policeman for my whole life and now he seemed so weak and vulnerable. 

Our world can change in a moment and we are told not to worry. 

My dad recovered and we were able to have some much needed chats and build bridges. I will always treasure those conversations with my dad. Crisis does that, it puts important things into perspective. My dad and I fought a lot because I was a pain in his backside. But seeing him in hospital changed everything. I just kept praying for God to spare his life. 

We are in a time when we hear a steady stream of “don’t worry” messages. But there is so much unknown. When someone says “Don’t worry” but close the schools, restaurants, bars and no group gatherings my mind races. Does yours? 

There is so much anxiety going around right now, you can taste it! Last Friday my wife and I went into our local Kroger to get ice cream. Friday night ice cream is medicinal so it’s not unhealthy……. But when we got to the front of the store the line was huge. It went from the front of the store to the back. The shelves were starting to empty quickly. I got home and clicked on Apple news and saw a bunch of messages that included the advice “Don’t worry”. 

So I have been thinking and praying about what to write to try and encourage people today. Here’s what I want to share: I started listening to worship music as I continue to work on projects to fix up our home in which we just moved. God met me in the worship music and lifted my eyes away from what was happening and onto Him. 

So let me encourage you with this, the next time someone says “Don’t worry”, instead of worrying – worship! I have found that the cure for fear is worship. Worship enables me to focus on God and not on panic-buying. 

Worship helps me remember what I know about my God:  

God is sovereign – in control 

God is all powerful – He moves and nothing can stand in His way 

God is all loving – He is selfless and sacrificial in His love 

God is all knowing – there is nothing that He doesn’t know about – He knows all 

The Psalms are a great place to go to read examples of worship even when people’s lives collapsed and uncertainty filled their hearts and minds. Can I encourage you to go to Psalm 46 to start with. Our pastor did an amazing job with that text yesterday – check out his message if you have time –

Please feel free to email me if I can pray for you –

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