God is at work in the mess – Betty

In these days when many of us are not around a lot of people it’s easy to start perceiving that we are alone. A while ago I had an amazing encounter that I thought a lot about during the last few days. This experience reminded me that we are not alone. As we are raising supportContinue reading “God is at work in the mess – Betty”

Is God silent right now?

This is such a unique time, is it not? Can any one of us remember a time like this? Many of us have been impacted in big and small ways. Some of us have had to face huge lines at the store wondering where we can buy toilet paper, others have lost their jobs andContinue reading “Is God silent right now?”

Stories that impacted me: “Try not to worry but dad’s had a heart attack”

When someone says “don’t worry”…. What do you do?  I remember a few years ago I was sitting at my desk working and a close family member called me. I love this family member very much but their words stopped me in my steps that day: They said “Don’t worry, but dad’s in the hospital,Continue reading “Stories that impacted me: “Try not to worry but dad’s had a heart attack””

Birds on a beach in Florida

Our family loves the beach. There is just something about the ocean that speaks vacation, rest and time with the family for me. As a child growing up in England, we vacationed in an amazing, beautiful place called Cornwall. (Insert pic of Sennon) The surf, the smell, the beach and the time away with myContinue reading “Birds on a beach in Florida”

Stories that have impacted me: The empty medical cabinet.

I wanted to take a few blogs and share some of the stories I’ve either read or been part of that have impacted me over the last few years. As a pastor you get a unique perspective into life and I wanted to share some of the things I’ve seen, heard and experienced. As always,Continue reading “Stories that have impacted me: The empty medical cabinet.”

Church: A pastors experience

I have often thought the church as I have experienced it is a bit like life. When it’s good it’s great but when it’s rough it’s really rough.  When I started serving the church I started as a youth pastor. I served in that role in 2 different churches for a total of just overContinue reading “Church: A pastors experience”

When depressed, please don’t do this

One last word in this series of depression. Please don’t withdraw or isolate yourself. Even though it will feel like the most natural thing to do.  Have you ever gone through a really hard time and felt like you are alone and no one really understands? In times of suffering and pain the sense ofContinue reading “When depressed, please don’t do this”

Depression and Faith:

One of the hardest pieces of journeying through depression as a Christian is the stigma that comes with depression. I felt my faith was weak as I believed Christians don’t get depressed. I felt shame and guilt and that led to me withdrawing and isolating myself. I had concluded that my depression was clear thatContinue reading “Depression and Faith:”

Depression, taking one step at a time out of the darkness.

It was in my understanding of the relationship between depression and anger that I started to learn how to identify what was happening in my mind. The third massive step came from my understanding of the relationship between depression and expectations. It was in understanding my expectations that I could start to make allowances forContinue reading “Depression, taking one step at a time out of the darkness.”