My dad has CoVid 19 – 5 things God is showing me

I grew up in England and moved to the United States over 20 years ago. All of my extended family still live in England. I am so grateful for technology that allows us to stay in touch even with the 6 hour time difference.  On Tuesday, May 11, I woke up and checked my phoneContinue reading “My dad has CoVid 19 – 5 things God is showing me”

Parenting Teens: Thought # 4 – Prayer

This might be the single most powerful piece that shapes your teen: praying for them. Trusting God to do what you can not do. Asking the all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing God to save, guide, direct and protect your teen!  Think about this verse: I Thessalonians 5:17 “pray continually”. Does this mean that we shouldn’t eat, drink,Continue reading “Parenting Teens: Thought # 4 – Prayer”

Parenting Teens: Thought # 3 – Friends

Earlier this week I started a series seeking to encourage you as you seek to parent your team. Thanks for the feedback and comments. I pray this next blog is helpful for you. Fear seems to be one of the biggest obstacles in parenting teens. In speaking to a lot of parents of teens IContinue reading “Parenting Teens: Thought # 3 – Friends”

Thought # 2 – Be in relationship with your teen – part 1 devices –

The awesome thing about being a Christian is that we can have a relationship with God. In many places God refers to Himself as our Father. How incredible is it that we get to call the most powerful, most loving, and most knowing person in the universe Father? We can be in a relationship withContinue reading “Thought # 2 – Be in relationship with your teen – part 1 devices –”

Five thoughts about parenting teens: Thought # 1 – Respect

13 – 13 – 13  This past week our youngest child turned 13. That also means we have been parenting teens for 13 years! Sometimes we think we’ve got this parenting teen thing figured out, but many times we feel like we are still very much  learning.  I have also been a youth pastor forContinue reading “Five thoughts about parenting teens: Thought # 1 – Respect”

Peace in a Covid world

Doesn’t it seem like there are a million voices all clamoring for our attention right now?  Just this week I watched a video from some experts saying social distancing doesn’t make any difference. Then I saw another clip where others are saying you’ve got to maintain social distancing for the foreseeable future otherwise the deathContinue reading “Peace in a Covid world”

God is at work in the mess – Betty

In these days when many of us are not around a lot of people it’s easy to start perceiving that we are alone. A while ago I had an amazing encounter that I thought a lot about during the last few days. This experience reminded me that we are not alone. As we are raising supportContinue reading “God is at work in the mess – Betty”

Is God silent right now?

This is such a unique time, is it not? Can any one of us remember a time like this? Many of us have been impacted in big and small ways. Some of us have had to face huge lines at the store wondering where we can buy toilet paper, others have lost their jobs andContinue reading “Is God silent right now?”