Church: A pastors experience

I have often thought the church as I have experienced it is a bit like life. When it’s good it’s great but when it’s rough it’s really rough.  When I started serving the church I started as a youth pastor. I served in that role in 2 different churches for a total of just overContinue reading “Church: A pastors experience”

When depressed, please don’t do this

One last word in this series of depression. Please don’t withdraw or isolate yourself. Even though it will feel like the most natural thing to do.  Have you ever gone through a really hard time and felt like you are alone and no one really understands? In times of suffering and pain the sense ofContinue reading “When depressed, please don’t do this”


There are many unspoken lessons we learn by going to church or by being in relationship with Christians. We learn at an early age what words we should and should not use. We learn what we should and should not do.  Some of those lessons are life-changing. We learn that Jesus died to save usContinue reading “Darkness”